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+News for the Week+
StarTrek Fluxx by Looney Labs:
Bar-BEAR-ian Battlegrounds by Greenbrier Games:
+New in Stores+
Prowler’s Passage by Renegade Game Studio:
A Game of Thrones LCG: 2nd Edition – The Shadow City Chapter Pack by Fantasy Flight Games:
Arkham Horror: The Deep Gate Hardcover by Fantasy Flight Games:
+Board Game Spotlight+
Lucidity: Six Sided Nightmares by Renegade Game Studio:
+Community Shoutout+
Tatooine TableFlip:
One Inch Heroes:
Mini Painting Studio:
Huge shout out to Ani-Mia! Follow her here:
+Game Trade Media+
+Music Credits+
Deuces, Space-1990 B, The Lift by Kevin MacLeod
Epic Cinematic Action Music by Bobby Cole
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