Up in a hive in that tree over yonder
The queen bee has a decision to ponder
Winter is coming, and the hive is congested
To decide who can stay all bees will be tested

In Hive Mind, players take on the roles of worker bees and must prove their compatibility within the hive, only who think alike will be allowed to stay!

Each round a player will ask a question and everyone writes their answers. Then the players who have matching answers gain points! The goal is to stay with the Queen Bee and survive in the hive!
This party game can be played with 3-12 players and the more worker bees the better! Each game last between 30-90 minutes. You and your friends will be laughing each round!
As soon as one or more bees leave the hive, the game ends. All remaining bees win and survive the winter!

Grab friends and join the Hive. Play the sweetest game around!

Voice Over: Sammi Bold
Music: Bumba Crossing by Kevin Macleod
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