Hey Gamers! Wondering what games are at your friendly local game store this week? Let Gretchen(@gretchensettle) tell you about the new and exciting titles that you should pick up this weekend!
My Little Pony Deep Cuts Unpainted Miniatures: Twilight Sparkle and other ponies by WizKids
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG: Sanjulan Limited Edition Hardback by Goodman Games
Star Trek Adventures RPG: Strange New Worlds – Mission Compendium Vol. 2 by Modiphius
Fallout Wasteland Warfare RPG by Modiphius
Night`s Black Agents RPG: Solo Ops by Pelgrane Press
Starfinder RPG: Character Operations Manual Hardcover by Paizo
Castles and Crusades RPG: Monsters & Treasures Complete by Troll Lord Games
Globe Twister by Act In Games
Imagineers by Maple games
Hedgehog Hop by Atlas Games
Shadows of Malice – Revised by Devious Weasel Games
Star Wars: Legion – Clone Captain Rex Commander Expansion by Fantasy flight Games
Summit: Teams Expansion by Inside Up Games
Mandala by Lookout Games
Doctor Who Fluxx 13th Doctor Expansion by Looney Labs
Big City: 20th Anniversary Jumbo Edition by Mercury Games.
Rurik: Dawn of Kiev by Piecekeeper Games
Illimat by Twogether Studios
D-Day Dice 2nd Edition by word forge games
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