Hey Gamers! Wondering what games are at your friendly local game store this week? Let Gretchen(@gretchensettle) tell you about the new and exciting titles that you should pick up this weekend!
Until Daylight by Flyos Games
Ceylon by Ludonova
Spyfall: Time Travel
Everdell by Starling Games
Barenpark: The Bad News Bears Expansion by Lookout Games
Rolled West by Tasty Minstrel Games
Wings of Glory: Tripods & Triplanes Squid Tripod Pack by Ares Games
Pacific Rim: Extinction Miniatures Game Starter Set by River Horse
Guild Ball Alchemists Guild The Lure of Gold by StreamForged Games
Riot Quest: Harlowe Holdemhigh Scout by Privateer Press
Malifaux: Resurrectionsts Von Schtook Core Box by Wyrd

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