#PowerRangers | How to Paint Power Rangers: Heroes Of The Grid | Painting Happy Lil Minis


    Join Dave and Gretchen as they paint #miniatures from Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid by Renegade Game Studios. They talk about #howto paint larger models and what works well for #boardgame miniatures. Go Go Power Rangers!
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    What is mini painting all about?
    It’s painting of miniature figures and/or model figures, either in its own right or as an adjunct to role-playing games, wargames, board games, etc. Miniature figurines come in a variety of sizes which you will see on the show!
    What is Painting Happy Lil Mini’s, you ask?
    It’s a LIVE interactive tutorial and How-to show that gives you tips and tricks to learning new skills to paint miniature figures, plus a chance to connect with your artist and gaming community.
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    Hosts: Gretchen Settle and Dave Taylor
    Producers: Johnny Rose, Dave Taylor, Leona Cicone
    Editor: Leona Cicone
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