Hey Gamers! Wondering what games are at your friendly local game store this week? Let Gretchen(@gretchensettle) tell you about the new and exciting titles that you should pick up this weekend!
Drako: Knights and Trolls by Rebel
Agatha Christie: Death on the Cards by Modiphius Entertainment
Once Upon a Time: Fairytale Mash-ups Expansion by Atlas Games
Christmas Lights Card Game by Creative Goods Company
Rick and Morty: The Morty Zone Dice Game by Cryptozoic
Ecosystem by Genius Games
Reavers of Midgard by Grey Fox Games
Wingspan: European Expansion by Stonemaier Games
Fog of Love by Hush Hush Productions
Dragon Keepers by Knight Works
Its a Wonderful World by Lucky Duck Games
Moneybags by Oink Games
Aftermath by Plaid Hat Games
Roam by Red Raven Games
Solar Draft by Tasty Minstrel Games
A Song of Ice & Fire Tabletop Miniatures Game: Baratheon Starter Set by CMON
Infinity: Beyond Wildfire Expansion Pack by Corvus Belli
Sovereigns of the Blue Rose: A Blue Rose Novel by Green Ronin Publishing,
Dungeons & Dragons vs. Rick and Morty – Tabletop RPG by Wizards of the Coast
Dungeons and Dragons RPG: Eberron – Rising from the Last War by Wizards of the Coast
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