Are you a Robot? | #Playthrough w/ Looney Labs | LIVE SHOW [PAX Unplugged 2019]
Join Gretchen as she sits down with #boardgame designer Andy Looney to talk about all the new games coming from Looney Labs!
Andy and Gretchen took a moment during #PAXUnplugged to spotlight a few of the games they are debuting like-

“Time Breaker”
It’s a chase across time to catch a chrono-criminal! The Time Breaker is running amok in time, jumping from one tile to another, each representing a different year. In this fast-paced card game, you must carefully navigate the time stream to find and arrest the Time Breaker. Then, return with them to Time Repair HQ before your opponents catch up or the Time Breaker slips away.
Good luck, Agents!
**How to Demo Timebreaker:

“Are you a robot?”
Our space colony has been infiltrated by murderous androids who look just like us. We are gradually being replaced by look-alikes! The only way to find out for sure if someone is a robot is by shooting them with your laser pistol. Our only hope is to destroy the robots one by one!
Are You A Robot is a social deduction micro-game by Looney Labs.
Each player gets a random card, which they must look at but let no one else see. #Gameplay consists of talking: asking each other questions to figure out who became a Robot. Players can say anything: lying is part of the game. The game ends when a Human decides to either shoot or shake hands! Humans prosper if they correctly shoot the Robot but the Robots win if humans turn on each other.
**Are you a Robot:

“Jumanji Fluxx”
Reminds you just how chaotic and dangerous the world of Jumanji can be! Watch out for all-new Danger cards that eliminate players! You might be able to jump back in, but if the deck runs out, elimination becomes permanent. If you want to survive you’ll have to carefully traverse the landscape, gathering the right gear and avoiding the many wild animals. Be prepared, or risk getting eliminated… remember, it’s not just a game!
**Jumanji Fluxx:

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PAX Unplugged is an event specifically tailored to gamers of all ages. All of the content throughout the show is meant to be enjoyed by the entire family all weekend and what’s more, Sunday’s offerings are specifically set up to appeal to our younger gamers in attendance.
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Edited by Leona Cicone
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