Board Gaming with Friends featuring Clank!: Sunken Treasure


    Renegade Game Studios’ hit board game, Clank!, is back with an expansion pack! We got to take a look at Clank!: Sunken Treasure just as it was released in stores.

    Come take a look at the gameplay with ComicWow!’s Big Rick as well as Renegade Game Studios’ Sara Erickson and Scott Gaeta.

    If you like what you see, head out to your local game shop and pick up your own copy of Clank! for your next game night!


    Starring: Richard Ankney, Sara Erickson, and Scott Gaeta
    Filmed by: Mallory Petty
    Edited by: Mallory Petty
    Special Thanks to
    Josh Geppi: President, ComicWow!




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