You loved the stories and the adventures in Legend of Korra and now you get the chance to play in the Pro Bending Arena! Choose a team to lead to victory and use your skill to manipulate the elements and think of the best strategy to win the game! Each round you have the chance to bend the elements and challenge your opponent. This 2 player game provides great gameplay that is new and engaging letting you unleash a few cunning tricks to beat the your opponent out of the Arena!

The game includes miniatures that you can customize and paint with detailed pieces that enhance the gameplay. The beautiful artwork and miniatures will draw you and your opponent into the captivating world of Legend of Korra. The gameplay lasts about 30-45 minutes which allows you to play various rounds and even create a tournament for the teams! As you and your opponent maneuver the board and bend the elements vie for the chance to become the champion of the Pro:Bending arena!

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