New This Week: September 29th- October 5th


Hey Gamers! Wondering what games are at your friendly local game store this week? Let Gretchen(@gretchensettle) tell you about the new and exciting titles that you should pick up this weekend!
Issue 236 of Game Trade Magazine
Blood Red Skies miniatures by Warlord Games
No Thank You Evil! RPG: It`s Raining Cats and Dinosaurs by Monte Cook Games
The Invisible Sun RPG: The Key by Monte Cook Games
Valley of the Kings: Premium Edition by Alderac Entertainment Group
Cat Lady: Premium Edition by Alderac Entertainment Group
Silver by Bezier Games
Funkoverse Strategy Game:Harry Potter and other versions by Funko Games
Hidden Panda by Jelly Bean Games
Control 2nd Edition by KeyMaster Games
PARKS by Keymaster Games
Element: Silver by Rather Dashing Games
Fireball Island: Spider Springs by Restoration Games
Dragon Shields: Matte Art – Halloween Dragon Sleeves
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