In this dexterity game from designer Andrew J. Smith, players grow trees in their hands! Resting their elbows on the table, players will add cards representing fronds and coconuts to their tree, following rules to place the cards in specific ways between their fingers, in their palms, or in certain positions in their hands. The game ends when a player drops a card or when all cards have been placed in all trees. The player who has the highest point total of cards in their tree wins!

The game can be played either competitively, with each player representing a single tree, or in teams of two, with one player acting as the tree while their teammate races to add fronds and coconuts. For extra immersion, the game includes 6 tattoo sleeves featuring tree trunks that players can wear on their arms during the game. Palm Trees is available now, so be sure to pick it up at your Friendly Local Game Store or online today!
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Directed and Edited by Leona Cicone
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