At GAMA 2019, Rick sits down with Stoneblade Entertainment to take a closer look at Ringmaster and Ascension:Skulls and Sails!

In “Ringmaster: Welcome to the Big Top”, you compete to build the best carnival and earn the title, “Ringmaster”! The only way to reach this illustrious title is to hire stars and build attractions…while occasionally sabotaging the other players and adding devious sideshows to your opponents’ carnivals!

The game is fast and family-friendly. Each player starts with three cards and, on their turn, will draw one card from the deck. You may then play one card, following these rules:

Stars & Attractions are played in front of you.

Event cards will trigger effects when played to the discard pile.

Sideshow cards are played in front of your opponents.

Now, here’s where things get tricky. Each players’ win condition changes throughout the game. For example, the “Three Ring Circus” card states that you win the game when you have three of them in front of you. Be careful, though: your opponents can sabotage your best efforts, preventing you from becoming the “Ringmaster”!
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