The key to a successful game is the making sure everyone knows about it! We want to help get the word out about your awesome game! Each week, our videos are sent directly to game store owners and highlighted on the Alliance Game Distributors website so that your game gets the recognition it deserves! Our videos range from a minute spotlight to a full playthrough. We work exclusively with brands that are part of Alliance Game Distributors. For more information regarding working with us, contact us!


Game Trade Media travels around the country to stay up to date with the board gaming industry! While at conventions, we record interviews with different publishers to hear about the new and exciting projects that are happening! We would love nothing more than to chat with you on camera and showcase your newest game! Our interview slots fill up extremely fast! Be sure to send us your contact information so that we can keep you in the loop! We look forward to seeing you at the next convention!


We have regular livestream broadcasts during the week and would love to feature your game, your company or your next big project! Our online community reaches people all over the globe across three streaming platforms. This community of gamers, painters and rpg-ers love to hear about new things and discover new projects! We want people to know about your awesome ideas!